Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024?

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One of the most important things to consider these days when organizing your gaming setup is game audio. The E900 is a multipurpose stereo gaming headset that works with almost any device that has a 3.5mm audio port, supporting PCs, PS4, Xbox Ones, and pretty much anything else.

So, Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024?

While it’s on the lower end of the spectrum, the E900 offers an excellent value that won’t make you spend a fortune for an upgrade to your headset. Its EKSA E900 headset has these features in its description. To simplify it a bit more for those who aren’t as tech-savvy it has a great sound and a good microphone, a solid build, and the capability of using it with many different headsets. Here’s a review of Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024?


Beginning with the design You will be impressed by the overall style that is EKSA’s E900. It is a comprehensive design. The headset is designed as an over-the-ear headset and has high-end materials and finishes. Upon initial use, the product feels sturdy and may surprise you when you compare its actual cost with its perceived value.

The greatest feature of the E900 is that it has no cheap plastic parts or color coats the easy and straightforward style of the E900 looks elegant and works easily with every type of application. Another reason the EKSA headsets feel premium is due to the fact premium materials are used to construct the headset.


The company has used the correct quantity of aluminum and plastic in construction. This provides high durability and enhances the distribution of weight. The earcups are also equipped with an attractive metal grille that has the EKSA logo on either side. They also feature synthetic leather padding for sweat resistance that is extremely soft and contributes to the best comfort.

Due to the soft padding, it is possible to wear these headsets for long periods without discomfort, even when you sweat or suffer from sensitive ears. The greatest thing is that the cushions can be removed, which is a great feature and even some of the top gaming headsets don’t have this feature.

The earcups are big and cover the entire ear. The company attaches the ear cups to the frame using aluminum arms that they anodize in red color. You can rotate the arms 180 degrees, and adjust the ear cups to fit almost any facial shape. Whatever way your temples or cheeks appear bent, you’ll get complete contact with no pressure.


You can extend or remove the swivel arms from the headband. This gives you more flexibility and comfort. One of the things about the EKSA E900 is how comfy is the headband. The company easily makes the headband using an aluminum frame and adds ample padding with memory protein. The padding is extremely firm and soft, making it provide a superior level of comfort.

Additionally, a 2m-long PVC-covered 3.5mm cable. It’s long enough that you can plug it into the back of a computer and adjust it to your sofa or chair. With the Velcro cable tie on the cable, you may cover extra length to make using it easier. A splitter cable also comes with the box, so you can use these gaming headsets on more options which is a big plus.
There’s a dedicated control unit that controls volume and microphone. It is easy to adjust your volume with an adjustable volume scroll wheel.

Microphone In Gaming Headphone

The build and design of the detachable microphone may not be satisfying to you, and the quality of the microphone is a matter of debate. However, you’ll be amazed by its high-quality sound. The noise canceling is surprisingly effective considering how affordable the headset is.

Sound Quality

Last but not least, let’s talk about the sound quality. The EKSA E900 features a huge 50mm driver, offering greater reach and a more powerful sound than many of the other gaming headsets available in this price bracket. The background sound is impressive. It’s easy to discern where a car or gunshot originates from.

This is an important characteristic of any first-person shooter game, such as PUBG as well as CS GO, where it’s vital to know where your opponents are. Simply look toward the sound and you’ll know where you’d like to be. The sound surround isn’t just for games. If you’re listening to movies or stereo music, you’ll enjoy an enormous soundstage with great separation. It is clear to hear each instrument in its own way, with no unneeded crossover.

In the end, the EKSA E900 performs very well as a high-quality gaming headset. If we are talking about its use in conjunction with music and films, it is important to remember that these headphones are designed mostly for gaming. However, because of their balanced audio capabilities, you can have decent audio quality for streaming music or movies.

Don’t expect too much. There could occur instances when the treble becomes flat and your experience with music isn’t going to be great but it is the all-in-one headset you need for your daily use. The headband isn’t heavy and comfortable, yet you can tell it’s not cheap.

Building Quality

So based on this Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024? Article headphones’ building metal is sturdy, and it would be a challenge trying to break the headset. But you can modify the headband according to your height, which is beneficial in case you have a small head and have trouble finding headphones that are right for you. This is helpful during long gaming sessions as well as commutes and conference calls.

The E900 is simple in its design They’re stylish and professional. You might enjoy the red hue which is shiny and metallic as well. They’re not flashy or bright up in a variety of colors If that’s what you prefer However, they’re not too obvious if you’re using them in professional settings or in public transport, for instance.

The box includes a pouch made of fake leather. The pouch has a drawstring in red and provides some extra security in case you’re taking them on a trip.


  • Great value for the money
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fantastic noise-canceling mic


  • The Headband isn’t as extensible as other sets.

Conclusion: Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024?

The E900 is a flexible well-built, universal headset that can bridge the gap between value and quality. Higher-end headsets may have more advanced features than the E900 headset. However, the possibility of utilizing it on all platforms and consoles is more than enough to make up for the small gap. So, this concludes our topic for Which Headphone Is Best For Gaming India 2024?