Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?

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If you are searching for a Bluetooth neckband, you are at the right place. Boat Rockerz Pro+ is a wireless in-ear, boat Bluetooth neckband earphone that packs a lot of power and has been designed ergonomically to meet the needs of music lovers. Also for fast wireless connectivity, the headphones are equipped with Bluetooth V5.0. You can enjoy limitless audio joy with a playtime of up to 40 hours because of the 300mAh battery. So let us find the answer about Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?

So, Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?

Boat Rockerz Pro+ Bluetooth neckband earphone dynamic drivers of 10mm provide a rich musical experience and a deep sound. The neckband earphone can fully charge with our ASAP fast charging technology in just one hour. The premium IPX7-rated Bluetooth neckband is also resistant to water and sweat. The multifunctional controls allow you to control playback, calls, and summon the smart Voice Assistant. Rockerz Pro+’s effervescent sound and high-energy vibe will keep you captivated. Overall, Rockerz Pro Plus Bluetooth earphones are a great choice. Read and learn more about Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?

Bluetooth Neckband Features:

Design and build:

It is lightweight and slim in the body. Also, It folds easily and can be carried in your pocket. You can choose from bold black, navy blue, or beautiful teal-green colors. Magnetic earbuds prevent them from tangling. The headphones are matte in finish and the wires are flat. Additionally, the neckband is extremely comfortable and lightweight. Boat Rockerz Pro+ is water- and sweat-resistant with a premium build rating of IPX7.

No more boring music at the gym! You don’t have to worry about damaging your device while you work out. Boat Rockerz Pro Plus includes metallic earpieces and silicon earmuffs. The control console is made from plastic and is embedded between the wires connecting the earbuds. The Bluetooth neckband is made of skin-friendly materials and is durable. Flat wires have a longer lifespan without being brittle. These wires can also be folded multiple times without causing damage.

Sound Quality: Boat Rockerz Pro+ Bluetooth neckband Under 1500

The boat has always been proud of its ability to produce powerful bass, and this product is no exception. Boat Rockerz Pro+ features 10mm dynamic drives which produce deep bass. You will feel the bass so punchy you can almost feel it. It can clearly hear each word, so there will be no one in the group who sings the lyrics incorrectly.

It can transmit high, low, and medium frequencies with excellent quality. If you use the Bluetooth neckband at 80% volume, you will experience more powerful bass. Above 90% volume, you will only feel slight distortion. Boat Rockerz Pro Plus uses Qualcomm’s aptX technology.

Boat Rockerz Pro Plus is the best noise-canceling neckband earphone This technology allows it to suppress all unwanted noise, giving you a mysterious experience. This technology will ensure that you only hear your favorite tunes. It can also improve the audio quality.

Mic Calling Performance:

Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024? According to this article, the BoAt Rockerz255 Pro+ product Qualcomm CVC-enabled microphone improves your phone experience. No need to take off your headphones when your mobile device receives a call. The headphones come with a microphone so you can speak directly through them. This is one less thing you need to worry about. You can hear the voice clearly through your mic. Its mic quality is excellent.

Latency Performance:

This product offers aptX low latency. It does not have a dedicated mode, but it allows for good synchronization between audio and video. It’s great for gaming also. One of the finest features of the device is the battery life. If you are a professional gamer, you may experience minor lag while gaming.

Noise cancellation:

The earphones do not have active noise cancellation. The earphone’s design blocks most external noise so your listening experience will not be affected. Where it’s most needed, noise cancellation is another benefit. CVC noise canceling is included with Boat Rockerz Pro Plus. The microphone reduces noise from the outside, such as air and traffic noise, by using this technique. The Rockerz 255 pro+ bot offers a fantastic calling experience thanks to this feature.

Comfortable & stylish:

Boat Rockerz’s 255 Pro Plus has a shark fin extension that fits perfectly into our ears and provides a firm grip on the neckband. Even when you run or do intense exercise, our neckband design keeps it in place and offers extra comfort. Soft silicone ear tips don’t feel irritated even when used for longer periods. The boat Rockerz Pro Plus has a premium look and a modern feel. Three colors are available: blue like navy, teal green, and active black.

boat Rockerz 255 pro+ Battery life

Boat Rockerz Pro Plus is extremely durable and fast charging. The neckband is equipped with a 300mAh battery that can last 40 hours at 60% volume. Also, the battery can fully charge in 60 minutes. According to the company, this battery can fully charge in just 10 minutes.


Boat Rockerz’s 255 pro plus includes Bluetooth v5.0 standard with an average range of 10-11 meters. The environment can affect the range. It also has QUALCOMM aptX technology which improves connectivity and provides a great user experience.

Pros & Cons Bluetooth Neckband


  • You can dance to your favorite music for as long or as little as you like.
  • This price range offers the best battery performance.
  • Bass lovers will love the extra bass performance
  • Connectivity gives no issues.
  • Qualcomm CVC Technology cancels unwanted sound
  • For calling, the microphone quality has also been improving.
  • You can also pair up in dual.
  • Fast Charging


  • The bass is powerful. However, music playback can make a hissy sound. It can be annoying at times.
  • It has very low latency for professional gamers but works well for regular online games.
  • Average build quality
  • Doubtful about the aptX technology

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?

It offers instant connectivity, outstanding audio quality, and amazing battery life. Boat Rockerz 255 PRO+ is also very fashionable and comes in three beautiful colors. It retains sweat and is waterproof. It is also able to be applied outside in warm or rainy weather. Its improved IPX7 build quality is a big upgrade. The function of dual pairing technology is quite helpful. Using a 300mAh battery that continues for a long time frame, this device is extremely powerful. Another feature of this device is its rapidly changing technology.

The device features Qualcomm’s aptX technology, which reduces noise and provides low latency aptX. To improve the calling experience, its mic features a Qualcomm CVC function. That about ends our boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus review. You have now got all the information you need to make a well-informed choice. So, this concludes our topic for Which Is The Best Bluetooth Neckband Under 1500 India 2024?