Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?

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Are you looking for the Best Water Resistant Smartwatch? Techno-obsessed people have made us completely dependent on technology to do our jobs and help us plan and manage. Anyone who doesn’t know the basics of technology will not be able to succeed in today’s technological world. As well as many software and healthcare businesses are entering the technology world. We are slowly getting used to the new tools that have been created. So let us find the answer about Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?

So, Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?

Software and technology are a boon for everyone from children to seniors, students to lawyers, writers, and teachers. We also have some of the best fitness smartwatches that can measure how many steps you take in a day, your heart rate, sleep time, and stress level, play music on your headphones and earphones, receive messages, and make calls “enough” Is smart ”. All with the click of a button.

There are many smartwatches on the market. But this has made it difficult to choose which one is best. So our BoatXtend Smartwatch review will make it easy and less stressful. So Read and know more about Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?

Features: boAt Xtend Smartwatch

  • The heart rate monitor sensors on this smartwatch allow us to measure our heart rate.
  • SpO2 sensors in the smartwatch measure and track blood oxygen levels.
  • It was not created for healthcare professionals to use this smartwatch.
  • The pedometer app was designed to track your steps and it works very well.
  • The music app on this smartwatch allows you to control the music playing on your phone.
  • It is possible to set your alarm directly on your watch.
  • This smartwatch is compatible with Alexa.
  • The smartwatch also includes an integrated mic for Alexa.
  • It has a simple-to-use interface.
  • Sports modes including running, cycling, hiking, yoga, swimming, and workouts are included right in.
  • The smartwatch also includes a smart notification alarm.
  • Multiple watch faces are available for customization on the smartwatch.

Overview of Water-Resistant Features in Smart Watch

Boat Xtend Smartwatches are one of these. With built-in Alexa, multi-watch display, SpO2monitor fitness tracker, alarms, and reminders, this smartwatch has the best features offered. This watch creates a connection with your phone to control calls and messages received, as well as real-time updates and weather information. With the Alexa integration, you can get access to whatever information you’d like!


The BoatXtend looks similar to an Apple Watch. It also features a circular crown that aids in UI navigation. The Boat Xtend is a budget-best Android smartwatch that feels premium due to its premium design and golden coating. It has a square in shape frame with curved edges and flat sides. The watch feels premium, despite being made of plastic.

Two soft silicone straps attach the Boat Xtend to it. These straps can be swapped with any 23mm straps. Because of its 5 ATM waterproof rating, you can use it for exercises like swimming. In addition to being stylish, the Boat Xtend smartwatch comes in a range of colors, such as Charcoal Black, Deep Blue, Olive Green, and Sandy Cream. The Boat Xtend smartwatch is super lightweight and very comfortable.

Water-Resistant Smart Watch Display

It is sharp and polished. Its large, 1.69-inch square screen provides a super-efficient touch response thanks to its intuitive touch interface. Auto-adjustable brightness adjusts the brightness to match the environment. It works in the same way as a smartphone or laptop.

You can customize this watch with many different kinds of watch faces to match your style or mood. For iOS and Android, you can download over 50 watch faces with the Boat Wave Application. This will allow you to create your own style with your Boat Xtend smartwatch.

Battery life:

Boat claims that the smartwatch has a 300 mAh capacity battery. However, we can expect it to last 7-10 days with moderate to heavy usage. It takes almost two hours for the smartwatch to fully charge. The battery life of your smartwatch will depend on how you use it, the brightness level, and what app you are using.


The smartwatch can connect to both Android and iPhone quickly and easily. To do this, you will need to download the companion app from either the App Store or the Play Store.

UI Performance:

The UI of this smartwatch is simple and clean. As well as the animation is small and sleek. Easy to read text and images. Clock apps are easy and fast to use. Also, swipe up to read instructions, swipe left to use Alexa, swipe right for the app, and swipe down for settings like clock brightness.

Health Monitoring

Boat Xtend offers many new health-monitoring features, as well as efficient activity tracking in 14 sports modes, including running, walking, and swimming Also has Boatxtend water reminders. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle with the stress monitor, meditative breath guide, and sleep, monitor. It is also motivating to receive medals or achievements when you reach your training goals.

Built-in Alexa support

This smartwatch is worth the investment because it has an Alexa voice assistant. It makes setting alarms, multiple timers, controlling smart lights, and playing music on Fire Sticks or Echo devices as well as controlling other Alexa-powered smart gadgets much faster and easier. You can launch Alexa by long-pressing the power button. There is a slight delay, but once it finishes, you’re ready to go.


Boat Xtend is reasonably accurate regarding workout activity, fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and other functions. This is an excellent feature for anyone looking to purchase the best smartwatch.

Pros & Cons: boAt Xtend Smartwatch


  • Quality and comfort are key to building a quality product
  • Trendy design
  • Many watches face
  • A variety of basic fitness features and monitors are available
  • Value for money


  • Battery life average
  • Lagging apps

Conclusion: Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?

Boat Xtend, a smartwatch that is reasonably priced at this level, has a plethora of health monitoring features as well as Bluetooth calling, and an Alexa voice assistant. All of these factors indicate it to be a good choice if you’re looking for a budget smartwatch. There isn’t much to dislike except the battery backup.

However, this is a small issue considering its price. If you’re okay with some compromises in battery life, then BoatXtend might be the right one for you. So, this concludes our topic for Which Smart Watch Is Best Water Resistant India 2024?