Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

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Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024? | Click Here to Check the Best Ro Water Purifier

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Aquaguard is compatible with safe and high-quality water purification solutions for Indian homes. Also, these water purifiers have been a dominant force in Indian markets for a long time. So let us find the answer about Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

List Of Best Ro Water Purifier

So, Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

Aquasure Aquaguard Delight, the most trusted brand, has released its new water purifier Eureka Forbes AquaSure. The Ro Water Purifier is a budget-friendly addition to the available models. It provides easy installation options as well. So let us read more about Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

Overview: Aquaguard Delight RO System

Eureka Forbes AquaSure by Aquaguard Delight provides six-stage purification technology. It has RO (reverse osmosis), ultraviolet (ultraviolet), and MTDS (manually controlled total dissolved substances controller). Furthermore, the best water purifier can store 7 liters of water. When MTDS is fully open, the UV Path filters 600 ml/minute of water.

It can filter approximately 15 liters per hour. Accordingly, this ensures you have enough safe and healthy water for drinking. AquaSure by Aquaguard Delight is a small and stylish purifier. Also, the purifier is equipped with an advanced TDS regulator (MTDS). The purifier can use up to 2000 ppm (parts/million equivalents to mg/l). You can adjust the taste of water according to the source with the MTDS.

The device’s RO membrane removes unwanted microbes and dissolved chemicals. Furthermore, the UV chamber kills pathogens in the water. Its design and outlook are visually striking. This product is designed to create a modern, stylish kitchen with all the best technology. Aquaguard Delight provides safe and pure drinking water for your home.

Features: Water Purifier RO System

  • The RO membrane is intended to operate at a high level of 2000 PPM.
  • TDS controller that can be manually controlled.
  • Which allows for the adjustment of TDS according to the user’s preference.
  • Suitable for purification of tap/municipal water or borewell/groundwater.
  • Removes harmful chemicals and microbes effectively
  • It can store 7 litres.
  • It can purify 15 liters per hour.
  • 6-stage purification system
  • Indicator of Power, Purification, and Tank status.
  • Energy-efficient: The tank automatically shuts off when it is empty.
  • The cartridge’s life expectancy is 6000 liters.
  • Which provides a safe water supply all year.
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Flexible installation

Purification Process

Aquaguard Delight’s Eureka Forbes AquaSure has a 6-step multistage purification process that ensures potable water in your homes. Let’s look at the steps involved in purifying water.

  1. Filter:

This filter is also known as the sediment filter. Therefore this is the first step of the water purification process. This filter can remove finer suspended particles. Also, This filter removes suspended particles such as dirt and dust from water.

  1. The Chemi Block:

The second stage of purification is the removal of unwanted chemicals from already sediment-filter water. The Chemi Block absorbs bad taste and odors from the water to reduce excess chlorine and organic impurities.

  1. Taste Adjuster (MTDS):

The MTDS is the third stage in the Eureka Forbes AquaSure water purifier. Advanced TDS regulator (MTDS), allows you to adjust water’s taste according to the source. You can also treat water with MTDS levels as high as 2000 ppm to get you tasty as well as safe water. Also, MTDS range from 80 to 100. It prevents the removal of unwanted total dissolved substances.

During this process, Remember that our bodies still need certain minerals. TDS for drinking water should not exceed 300. Reverse osmosis is the fourth stage of purification. RO Membrane is used to remove unsafe chemicals from water. This includes pesticides and herbicides as well as heavy metals, hardness, and other salts. It removes bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals such as arsenic, le, and hardness.

It can also remove microbial contamination such as viruses, bacteria, and cysts. In addition, it removes other contaminants from the water. This RO membrane is effective even when there are more than 2000 parts per million of TDS in water. So this purifier works with any water source including borewell water and tank water.

  1. Mineral Cartridge

The fifth stage of purification involves the elimination of organic impurities. This is accomplished by the mineral cartridge that is contained within the device. It also contains the minerals our bodies need. It restores the original flavor and balances pH.

  1. UV Chamber

This is the final step in the purification process. This method uses ultraviolet rays to kill the bacteria in the water. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate water containing harmful pathogens. As well as destroy them by attacking their genetic center. UV disinfects water by killing harmful microbes such as viruses and bacteria. So it ensures that every drop of water is safe, clean, and healthy.

Pros & Cons: Water Purifier RO System India 2024


  • Compact & attractive design
  • TDS Controller Manual
  • Affordable price
  • Semi-transparent storage tank


  • The power adapter is located outside of the water purifier body


What is Eureka Forbes AquaSure’s filtration capacity?

The water purifier has a filtration rate of 15 liters an hour. The device is a wall mount or tabletop. You can place the device on a table, or also mount it on the wall.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

Eureka Forbes AquaSure by Aquaguard Delight is affordable. Additionally, this product includes a 6-step multi-stage purification process. This ensures that your home has safe, pure drinking water. AquaSure also adds essential minerals to water which enhances its taste. The MTDS allows you to set the desired level of total dissolved substances to suit your preferences and needs.

It is very well-designed and will fit in any kitchen or interior. Additionally, the large power adapter must be installed externally using an adapter stand. It would be a good idea to have extra drills for the kitchen walls. A lot of water is also wasted. Eureka Forbes AquaSure by Aquaguard Delight is a great purifier. It is a great value for money. So, this concludes our topic for Which Is The Best Water Purifier RO System India 2024?

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