Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

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Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024? | Click Here to Check the Best Gaming Chair

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Yes, you can also use Gaming chairs in the office. The distinction between a gaming chair as opposed to an office chair is the fact that the latter comes with no armrests. So let us find out the answer to Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

So, Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

These chairs let users sit back relax and enjoy the game. Gaming chairs are usually extremely comfortable. There are numerous advantages to having gaming chairs in your workplace. You can sit comfortably for hours with no back or neck discomfort while using it. Gaming chairs have a greater range of motion as compared to office chairs.

List Of Best Gaming Chairs Can Use In The Office

About Brand: CELLBELL

In 2015, CELLBELL was among the most popular brands for its high-quality gaming equipment. CELLBELL is recognized for its low-cost mobile accessories as well as for providing excellent customer support. In this review, we’ll review the CELLBELL GC01 comfortable gaming chair.

Clients praise the gaming chairs as one of the most popular models from this manufacturer, with numerous positive reviews. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of this model.

Adaptable Features Of Using A Gaming Chair In The Office

CELLBELL GC01 Gaming Chair from the Transformer Series is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs designed for long-lasting professional gaming. The gaming chair is constructed using a steel frame that makes it durable and sturdy. It uses a hydraulic mechanism to adjust the seat’s height.

This gaming chair’s material is made of premium PU leather, which is soft and long-lasting, giving you extended relaxation. The gaming chair has a backrest and adjustable headrest cushions that allow you to properly align and support your neck and back. The gaming chair can also lower the risk of developing a spine health problem that could arise from sitting too long in an incorrect position.

PU leather is more breathable than standard leather, so you’ll be more at ease playing for a long duration it can also be useful to sit for a long time for office work. The recliner on this gaming chair is fantastic. It can go from 90 to 180 degrees, which is ideal for gaming chairs. This gaming chair is comfortable to use for prolonged gaming because of its remarkable recline feature. So, let’s learn more about Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

Customizable Adjustments

You can adjust the backrest and armrests according to your needs as they are easily accessible. The size of this game chair is moderate therefore, the gaming chair will be suitable for 5 ft-to-5.8 ft tall people. This chair can support a maximum weight of 125 kg. The installation process of this chair is simple; you will also receive instructions on how to set up the chair correctly.

CELLBELL has made it to the top of the list with this chair. If you’re an avid CELLBELL enthusiast, then you must buy this chair. The chair includes almost every feature seen in gaming chairs. Excellent comfort is provided by this gaming chair for long hours of gaming. It is constructed with high-quality materials.


CELLBELL GC01 Gaming chair comes with a modern and ergonomic design. It is a good fit for the body position of the user and offers the best quality of comfort as well as support. The chair is constructed of sturdy faux leather that is soft and silky smooth. The 8cm thick chair makes it comfortable to use.

This chair includes an adjustable headrest to make sure that your head is in the proper position along with cushions to support your back. Its unique shape adjusts gamers’ body posture. This gaming equipment helps you to have longer gaming sessions.


According to the information provided in the article, the gaming chair offers amazing comfort and back support, allowing users to work out for longer periods without experiencing any discomfort. All body types can comfortably use the reclining facility. It can lean back 90 to 180°, which will help you relax in a most comfortable posture. It isn’t likely to make you tired sitting in this chair for long hours.

Simply, you can alter the recline angle with the lever provided. Similar to the other chairs for gaming, this one lets you adjust the size from five inches up to 5.8 inches. You can adjust the armrests in height to get more support.


You can install this gaming chair yourself, as it does not come pre-assembled. It will give you all the required accessories as well as installation tools, as well as instructions for assembling the chair in no time. Another benefit we like about this chair is that it comes with support if someone has difficulty making it. It is possible to get assistance through the company’s customer service. If you’re not keen to build the chair by yourself You can reach out to the seller for assistance in assembly.

Durability, Stability, and After-Sale Service

It is a CELLBELL game chair constructed from durable faux leather which means it can last for many years. You’ll feel as though you’re sitting in a brand-new chair. Additionally, many users say that the chair can function for a long period without any issues. It is built with a sturdy steel base that is complemented by solid caster wheels that provide excellent stability.

The manufacturer made the base of metal. Gaming chairs are more durable than wheelbases made of nylon and plastic. It also feels comfortable to adjust the seat height due to its hydraulic systems. It can hold up to 125 kilograms of weight with no issue. CELLBELL gives support through WhatsApp to resolve any issues related to the product. It is also possible to get phone assistance from the company. The three-year guarantee covers all manufacturing defects.

Overall Performance

The only thing we noticed is that they aren’t the best we’d expect at this price. The manufacturer could improve the cushions. But, it’s not as uncomfortable, though some people have reported that it becomes uncomfortable after a couple of months. Additionally, the installation of the chair is not an easy job. It’s not the responsibility of just one person. Setting up the chair requires two or more persons.


  • Recliner option for relaxation.
  • Attractive ergonomic design.
  • Excellent and smooth performance from nylon wheel casters.
  • The padded armrests have adjustable buttons.
  • Simple installation.
  • Available at every online store.


  • It does not come pre-installed.
  • The metal frame on the seat pokes.
  • No footrest.
  • Armrests are only adjustable one adjustment, up and down.

Conclusion: Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

It is the CELLBELL transformer series, GC01 ideal for gamers of all ages, and offers outstanding performance. Its ergonomic design is a good fit for the body position of various players. After reviewing the chair you can consider it for your office use also because of its comfort and relaxation quality. The majority of users are positive about this chair and appreciate its performance. So, this concludes our topic for Can You Use A Gaming Chair In The Office India 2024?

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